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5 Tips on How to Start Your Day With Harmony

Mornings can sometimes be stressful and having a bad start to the day can ruin the rest of it. Therefore I decided that by creating a small plan to follow I will ensure that my day has a harmonic tone. If you are looking for ways to have a brighter morning that will help you to stay positive for the rest of the day follow these 5 advises.

1. Wake up gently. The first step to start your day with a harmony is to make sure that your alarm clock is not getting your day to a stressful start. Try to use the alarm clock that is not going to scare you off or make you jump from bed instantly. Something like a bird singing would be a good example. It can be as loud as you want but the less aggressive music is going to make it more pleasant for your brain to wake up to. If you do not like any form of sound alarms try using an alarm clock that wakes you up with light. During summer I would just leave my blinds and window slightly open so that I can wake up from the first lights of sun and the sounds of nature. This is especially good when you have a day off and do not require to wake up at a specific time. But if you need to be up early for work I would suggest checking out different smartphone apps that are made especially to wake you up in a more gentle way rather than with a loud, jarring alarm sound. Another tip is not to hit the snooze button as it has shown to be more harmful than helpful because the extra 5 minutes you sleep do not actually provide you with a quality rest.

2. Set a positive tone for your day. Start getting dressed by listening to your favorite radio station, spiritual music, or something that gives you a happy memory. While you listen to the sound that gives you pleasure take a few minutes to do some exercise. Yoga is a very popular spiritual practice. It will help you build strength, stretch your body and increase the blood flow. It does not require much time to get your day off to a healthy start and if you have got these extra 5 minutes spend them on meditation or pray which will help to alleviate some of your stress or anxiety. After stretching your body try to spend at least 15-20 minutes on the active workout. I would recommend having a small jog near your house or in the local park. I prefer outdoor exercises as they allow your body to wake up faster from the fresh breeze and air. When you come back home continue your day with a more relaxing and pleasant note by taking a morning shower. Use your favorite aromatic body wash and make it even more enjoyable by listening to your favorite music and even try singing along!

3. Start your meal with a good cup of tea or aromatic coffee. I prefer to have a cup of loose leaf green tea first thing in the morning. I got my Japanese green tea with jasmine in Aberdeen's little shop called Macbeans near Union Street. It has a big variety of aromatic teas and coffees with different tastes and scents so check it out if you are a tea and coffee gourmand like me. I also like to put a spoonful of honey in my tea which helps you with your immune system, digestion and gives you a boost of energy for this day ahead. Also do not forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives you all the energy you need during the day and helps your body concentrate better on difficult tasks. Try to include plenty protein and carbohydrate foods in your diet and do not forget about fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of liquids throughout your day and put your preference on healthy teas and water instead of soft drinks. Liquids give your body a good hydration which helps with digestion, skin and muscle health and your kidney function. So keep yourself refreshed during the day by carrying a water bottle with you to work or college.

4. Even if you are in the hurry in the morning take a moment to connect to your loved ones. Simply take a minute to hug your family members and tell them "I love you". Did you know that a small hug in the morning can help your body release oxytocin and dopamine which will help you to get your day to a great start and help you relieve stress.

5. And lastly SMILE! What could help you stay positive all day if not the positive attitude as you head out the door. Do not be overwhelmed by the stressful factors in your life and enjoy what happens around you.

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